Welcome to Crimea! Welcome to the Middle Ages! | Парк «ВИКИНГ»
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Итоги конкурса «В единстве — сила»

Welcome to Crimea! Welcome to the Middle Ages!

We have a great honor to present information about Park «Viking» for guests from India — about a cultural object representing Russian culture and history of the Middle Ages — Park “Viking”.

It was at that time when the Great Silk Road had a great influence on the development of trade, the emergence of traditions in the use of spices, habits in coloration  fabrics with natural colorants and so on. Indian culture is strange and mysterious for us, we respect it, and it is very interesting for us.

We hope that Russian culture will also be  interesting to guests from India.

Park “Viking” is the first and the largest cultural and historical center in Europe and Russian Federation, telling us about the history of Russia from ancientry to present days.

At the heart of the creation of this cultural center are events that have come down to us from the oldest chronicle book — The Tale of Bygone Years («Повесть Временных Лет»), the author of which was Nestor (Нестор Летописец). These events show close relationship of the peoples of Russian and Scandinavia, therefore, the name chosen is “Viking”.

We invite guests to dive into the events of 862 and learn about:

— vocation of  Varangians,

— about life of the tribes,  who leaved in the territory of future Russia,

— about arrival of Rurik,

— about beginning of the Rurik dynasty,

— about glorious campaigns of the Prophetic Oleg and Svyatoslav,

— about a significant event in history which was united a mighty people with single Christian values — the Baptism of Russia,

— about habits and customs, crafts and games of  people who inhabited the territory of Russia from the Balkans to the Urals during the 9-11 centuries.

Park “Viking’s” mission is to bring the history of  Russian state to the younger generation in an accessible, interesting, interactive form.

In the Park  “Viking” guests are invited to attend the day and evening program.

Entertainment on the day program includes:

— Historical tour of the park (7 hectares). Duration 40 minutes.

During the trip around Park it is proposed to visit more then 55 objects and structures made in the style of early medieval architecture. Here the guests will get acquainted with the information about the purpose of the buildings, life and habits of the people of that time.

— Historical reconstructions — theatrical performances of warriors with elements of a horse-stunt show.

— Visiting the contact zoo corner

— Visiting Labyrinth

— Intellectual quest (answers to questions about the materials of the tour)

— Each visitor receives a certificate of winning warrior with his photo, according to the points scored on the basis of participation in interactive programs.

Also, guests are offered:

— historical quests (“The Adventures of Thor”, “Druzhina of Knyaz Vladimir”, etc.)

— more then 80 interactive games such as archery, throwing knives, spears, weight lifting, etc.

— horseback riding

— handicraft workshops, opening crafts from the 9-11 century, just here we tell the guests about the Indian culture.

— TASTING from the “Honey House of Knyaz Vladimir”

On the territory of Park “Viking” there is a restaurant “Honey House of Knyaz Vladimir”.

This house is made in the style of the ruler’s house of the early Middle Ages.

Its architecture reminds us of those times when glorious campaigns were made. The Varangians were excellent navigators, and their ship was their home in everything. Returning from military campaigns, they pulled out their ship on dry land, turned it upside down, propped it up with pillars, caulked the walls on the sides, and lived with the whole village, together with the animals, under one roof. Peers were also held here.

Perennial culinary traditions were passed from tribe to tribe, from people to people, absorbing the best from various national cuisines. We understand the great role which played  Great Silk Road in the development of our country. We thanks to him that our culture includes the tradition of using spices, coloring fabrics with natural colors and so on.

In the restaurant “Honey House of Knyaz Vladimir” you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the medieval feast, when the chefs created masterpieces in an effort to please their Knyaz, collecting the best from the cuisines of different nations.

At the evening program, guests are invited to visit the exciting equestrian stunt horse-show with the storming of the gates of the city, the attack on the city with torches, the stage setting «Military campaigns in distant countries.»

 After the show — a big fire, round dances and a fire show.

The Knyaz Vladimir’s Honey House restaurant under an open starry sky, breathing in the fresh mountain air and the magical aromas of meadow herbs.

Welcome to the Middle Ages!

We hope to meet again with You!